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Shifting the Paradigm: Alternative Perspectives on Induction

Induction, which involves a leap from the particular to the universal, has always been a puzzling phenomenon for those attempting to investigate the origins of knowledge. Although traditionally accepted as the engine of first principles, the authority of inductive reasoning… Continue Reading →

Moral Reasoning—Rediscovering the Ethical Tradition

Comprehensive and accessible, Moral Reasoning introduces students to the historical foundations of moral theory and contemporary ethics.

Literary Form, Philosophical Content: Historical Studies of Philosophical Genres

This is a wide-ranging anthology that examines, in chronological order, several genres that have been prominent in the history of Western philosophy.

PhD: to what end?

Philosophy grads from Canadian universities are at a disadvantage in landing tenure-track jobs There have long been anecdotal reports that graduates of Canadian PhD programs are often overlooked in favour of graduates with foreign credentials when Canada’s larger universities hire… Continue Reading →

An Aristotelian Account of Induction—Creating Something from Nothing

In An Aristotelian Account of Induction Groarke discusses the intellectual process through which we access the “first principles” of human thought – the most basic concepts, the laws of logic, the universal claims of science and metaphysics, and the deepest… Continue Reading →

Virtue Ethics as an Alternative to Deontological and Consequential Reasoning in the Harm Reduction Debate

Abstract This paper will analyze objections to harm reduction in light of the ethical theories of John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant and Aristotle. Continue Reading →

Philosophy as Inspiration: Les Pensées of Blaise Pascal

Abstract In five stages, this essay works out an account of the aphorism as a philosophical genre. First, I outline a preliminary, general strategy for elucidating the aphorism as an expression of “aphoristic consciousness.” Then I discuss Blaise Pascal’s aphoristic… Continue Reading →

What is Freedom? Why Christianity and Theoretical Liberalism Cannot be Reconciled

Abstract In this paper I argue that a pervasive “religion as tyranny” view has its roots in a philosophical misunderstanding about human freedom. Continue Reading →

The Good Rebel: Understanding Freedom and Morality

In the view of most contemporary authors, morality and individual freedom diverge. Morality is a restriction that limits freedom. In The Good Rebel, Louis Groarke takes a radically different stance, arguing that morality, properly understood, is the only true expression… Continue Reading →

Reconsidering Absolute Omnipotence

Abstract In this paper, I argue that the atheistic tradition is mistaken. In the first place, even an absolutely omnipotent God could, as an act of benevolence, create a world in which there is suffering. In the second place, I… Continue Reading →

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