Comprehensive and accessible, Moral Reasoning introduces students to the historical foundations of moral theory and contemporary ethics.

Beginning with Aristotle, author Louis Groarke guides offers a careful, in-depth introduction to the many schools of moral thought that have contributed to Western philosophy and to the teachings of great moral thinkers such as Confucius, Socrates, Epicurus, Aristotle, Jesus, Epictetus, Aquinas, Hobbes, Kant, Mill, and Kierkegaard.

With contemporary examples incorporated throughout, this innovative new book fosters critical reflection about today’s important moral questions and encourages readers to develop their own personal moral compass that goes beyond peer pressure and ideology.

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Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780195425611

"This is a refreshing and needed approach to the history of ethics that makes it a living and challenging inquiry and practice. The motive of the work, 'to inspire students' rather than oppressing them with moral dogma, is a refreshing strength, as is the approach the author takes to do this, using classical texts in the history of philosophy as the beginning points of discourse and inquiry instead of as dead documents. Furthermore, the approach emphasizes a mainstream tradition of ethical thought based in Aristotle's virtue ethics; doing so provides a continuity to a long and varied tradition and displaces the contemporary fixation on moral rules and extreme examples."

Peter Trnka, Memorial University of Newfoundland —Peter Trnka, Memorial University of Newfoundland

"The discussion of main topics is highly readable and accessible, and yet sufficient depth and rigour of discussion is offered. First-time students will find the book both accessible and yet it will challenge their thinking in a way that a good introductory text should... The author has a very extensive grasp of the subject, one which displays both philosophical insight and pedagogical experience."

David Elliott, University of Regina —David Elliott, University of Regina