In An Aristotelian Account of Induction Groarke discusses the intellectual process through which we access the “first principles” of human thought - the most basic concepts, the laws of logic, the universal claims of science and metaphysics, and the deepest moral truths.

Following Aristotle and others, Groarke situates the first stirrings of human understanding in a creative capacity for discernment that precedes knowledge, even logic.

Relying on a new historical study of philosophical theories of inductive reasoning from Aristotle to the twenty-first century, Groarke explains how Aristotle offers a viable solution to the so-called problem of induction, while offering new contributions to contemporary accounts of reasoning and argument and challenging the conventional wisdom about induction.

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Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780773535961

"Overall, what Groarke says is provocative and inviting..." John P. McCaskey

—John P. McCaskey, Stanford University


"A brief review cannot do justice to this timely volume. In setting forth an Aristotelian account of induction, Groarke, well versed in contemporary literature, engages many a critic along the way ... Groarke's extensive study is a valuable contribution to contemporary Aristotelian literature, to say the least." Jude P. Dougherty

—Jude P. Dougherty, The Review of Metaphysics